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Lucaffé Decaffeinato 150 coffee tabs


Lucaffé Decaffeinato tablets

This decaffeinated Lucaffé alternative is roasted from the tastiest and creamiest coffees. The goal is to be able to offer the same espresso pleasure as caffeinated dishes. Soft and full espresso.

Decaffeinated coffee is used using the Swiss water method, which uses only pure water. This method does not apply to chemicals at all and preserves the original properties and taste of coffee.

Set of 150 tablets

Lucaffé Mr.Exclusive – 100% Arabica 150 coffee tabs


Lucaffé Mr.Exclusive - 100% Arabica tablets

100% Arabica beans. A blend of Arabica from South America, Asia and Africa. Very sweet taste, full body, optimal cream, pleasant aroma.

Set of 150 tablets