What are Ese coffee tablets?
ESE Coffee Pods is an organic coffee package made from 7 grams of compressed coffee placed in permeable food paper.

ESE stands for Easy Serve Espresso. (It’s easy to remember, isn’t it?) It emulates a coffee disc from a regular coffee group head that has been folded, and the only difference is the paper that filters out the dirt.

ESE tablets have been available in Europe for many years and are relatively new in Lithuania. Our Lucaffe goal is to provide the quality of Italian artisan coffee in the convenient form of an ESE Coffee pod.

You can also use these tablets with Delongi coffee machines

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Coffee tablets Lucaffé Classic, 150 coffee tabs

The Lucaffè blend has a delicate and sweet taste, an unmistakable chocolate aroma and a bouquet reminiscent of fresh memories.

Lucaffé BLUCAFFE – Jamaica Blue Mountain tabs


Lucaffe ESE tablets BLUCAFFE - Jamaica Blue Mountain

High class coffee Blucaffe is a truly luxurious coffee, you can't complain anywhere. Insanely beautiful cream. TOP !!

Set of 150 tablets

Lucaffé Colombia tablets


Lucaffé Colombia tablets

The taste is soft and prone to hints of chocolate. Its average body, extraordinary smell and strong acidity are typical of Central America

Lucaffé Decaffeinato 150 coffee tabs


Lucaffé Decaffeinato tablets

This decaffeinated Lucaffé alternative is roasted from the tastiest and creamiest coffees. The goal is to be able to offer the same espresso pleasure as caffeinated dishes. Soft and full espresso.

Decaffeinated coffee is used using the Swiss water method, which uses only pure water. This method does not apply to chemicals at all and preserves the original properties and taste of coffee.

Set of 150 tablets

Lucaffé Exquisit, 150 coffee tabs


Lucaffé Exquisit tablets

90% Arabica beans, 10% Robusta beans. A great combination of taste and aroma.

Set of 150 tablets

Lucaffé Mamma Lucia tablets


Lucaffé Mamma Lucia tablets

A good day starts with the coffee

Set of 150 tablets

Lucaffé Mr.Exclusive – 100% Arabica 150 coffee tabs


Lucaffé Mr.Exclusive - 100% Arabica tablets

100% Arabica beans. A blend of Arabica from South America, Asia and Africa. Very sweet taste, full body, optimal cream, pleasant aroma.

Set of 150 tablets

Lucaffé Nocciola cialde 15pcs.

Lucaffé Nocciola coffee pods with the best hazelnut aroma. Pamper yourself with a subtle sweetness and intoxicating aroma.With this coffee box, you experience two perfectly harmonizing aromas. Coffee and hazelnuts simply match the taste, and the cappuccino coffee pod produces a deceptive aroma.A hazelnut flavored coffee blend was chosen. For those who like to enjoy the sweet note and intoxicate delicious smelling during a coffee break.

Lucaffé Pulcinella Coffee Tablets


Lucaffé Pulcinella tablets

The first Italian energy coffee. With added caffeine, but still with a silky and soft taste, slightly prone to chocolate.

Set of 150 tablets