MIA ITALIA UAB is a representative of Coffee Lucaffe and La Piccola coffee maker Gian Luca Venturelli in Lithuania.

The taste of our coffee is not a random thing, it is carefully designed and improved.

Lucaffe coffee is the result of demanding search and multi-annual research, as only the best coffee beans are selected and coffee is produced according to italian coffee roasting craft traditions.

Coffee “Lucaffe” is a large selection of coffee blends and aromas.

About the company

The company of small coffee roasting craftsmen has grown very quickly. In less than 14 years, production has grown from a million coffee tablets a year to two million coffee tablets a month. The range of products meets the standards of an international company, and also features the quality of Italian coffee roasting craft. This success has been achieved for a number of reasons.

In 1996, thanks to the passion and entrepreneurship of Gian Luca Venturellio, a coffee roasting company was founded on the shores of Lake Garda. The company grew rapidly in its headquarters in Roncadelle (Brescia), where in addition to coffee roasting and grinding equipment, an innovative system of packaging ground coffee into paper tablets was introduced, allowing the company to specialize in this direction and become winners in the future.

In 2004, the expanding company moved to a new headquarters in Brescia, close to another company owned by Gian Luca Venturellio. This company produces and distributes exclusive espresso coffee machines La Piccola, which are designed to prepare coffee with paper tablets. The collaboration between the two companies, combining the best traditions of craft roasting and the design of espresso coffee machines, led to extensive experiments in the field of “easy-to-prepare” espresso coffee, which allowed to deliver the highest quality products in both directions. At present, there is a visible need for the construction of a new plant without closing the existing one.