Professional quality

All our coffee machines are equipped with professional-grade equipment for making espresso coffee.

Durability and functionality

Our coffee machines are very durable and are rarely damaged by limescale. They are ergonomic, easy to clean and use very little electricity.


Making espresso coffee with paper bags (tablets - “chialdes”) allows everyone, i.e. not just professional coffee chefs, to get great results.

Quality materials

- healthier coffee. We use only precious materials and filter paper with antibacterial properties.

100% made in Italy

Our products are designed and made only in Italy (100% Made in Italy). The entire production process, starting with the selection of raw materials, takes place in our factory.

Italian design

Our coffee machines are designed to naturally adapt to a variety of interior styles.

Benefits for coffee roasters

La Piccola coffee machines highlight the natural properties of coffee and make excellent espresso coffee. Coffee roasters who choose to choose our products will be not only satisfied, but will probably increase their sales.

We share our values

Mūsų rūpinimasis aplinka ir darni plėtra skatina susimąstyti apie tai, kad galiausiai visi mes gyvename vienoje planetoje ir turime stengtis, kad ji išliktų ilgai.