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Lucaffé Colombia tablets


Lucaffé Colombia tablets

The taste is soft and prone to hints of chocolate. Its average body, extraordinary smell and strong acidity are typical of Central America

Lucaffé Mamma Lucia beans 1kg

MammaLucia - a good day starts with coffee (1 kg)

Lucaffé Mr. Exclusive Arabica 250g


Mr. Lucaffe Exclusive 100% Arabica 250g

The best combination for all cafes that choose to offer the best possible quality.

Lucaffé Mr.Exclusive – 100% Arabica 150 coffee tabs


Lucaffé Mr.Exclusive - 100% Arabica tablets

100% Arabica beans. A blend of Arabica from South America, Asia and Africa. Very sweet taste, full body, optimal cream, pleasant aroma.

Set of 150 tablets

Lucaffé Mr.Exclusive 100% Arabica 700g

Product Details “Lucaffé Mr.Exclusive 100% Arabica 700g” Condition: beans, 700 g Usage: Fully automatic portafilter Degree of roasting: medium Arabica